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It a Shame

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It’s a shame that some people are just so desperate that gold has to go to $60,000 an oz but nothing else will change so one ounce will buy 2 Chevys. In 1980 gold touched $875 and the Dow was 1,000. Under this logic, that means gold should be $12,250 right now and since it is not Government must be keeping in down. If government is conspiring to keep gold down, then why do they sell gold coins at lower prices? The business cycle rotates with sectors. Not everything rises the same time. One cycle is commodities 1980, 1985 bonds & dollar, 1987 stock market, 1989 Japan, 1994 emerging markets, 1998 Russia & US Share Market, 2002 Internet Bubble, and real estate 2007. You cannot compare and then declare gold must be $12,250 right now and this must be true and anyone who disagrees is an idiot or part of the conspiracy to keep gold down so government can sell it cheap.. There is ABSOLUTELY no historical precedent for what people are saying – just wild opinion. Everyone has an opinion. That is not research, fact, nor precedent. The system cannot go to $60,000 gold per ounce and then it flatlines there and only gold will do this – nothing else. Rationale people are not going to buy that bullshit! Those and insist upon this nonsense scare rationale people who are then afraid to buy gold for they do not want to be associated with this type of illogical thinking.

If you want to see gold rise on solid ground, keep your mouth shut! A 2 year old with a pocket calculator can figure out the system is going to collapse. You better rethink what you are wishing for because if gold went to $60,000, it would be a criminal act to own it and this time the courts will allow them to search your home without any warrant. Thank God they could care less about gold. They are trying to eliminate all TANGIBLE forms of money to eliminate the underground economy and go electronic they will then know who buys the gold. Why people are so married to this financial-religion centered around gold is mystifying. This is about making money and surviving the Sovereign Debt Crisis. Those yelling about gold and how anyone disagrees with their view should be shot is strangely the same strain of Marxism where the rich have to be the problem.  Not everyone has to share the same religion. The yelling seems to be like desperate people playing nickel slot machines in Atlantic City convincing everyone that they will win – it is just a question of time. Yes – eventually every machine pays off. However, you may run out of nickels before that happens. This is about trading & surviving. Not dogma and bullshit.