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ISIS The Counter Crusades?

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Isis fighters, pictured on a militant website verified by AP.


Trying to understand an opponent is typically difficult because the bottom line is the vast majority of people judge others by themselves. The key to comprehending the world and even markets for that matter, it never turns on what you think, but on what they think. This is why I also say it’s never a bull market in anything until it rises in terms of ALL currencies since everyone will act out of their own self-interest.

The rhetoric coming from ISIS is propaganda set in motion by its leaders to fill the minds of those who follow. Like a hard line Democrat or Republican, no matter what you say, you will never convert them to the opposite view. They believe what they want to believe and that is it. Facts will NEVER change their mind. This is the same. The people running away from their countries to join WANT to believe they are the oppressed victims of always some sinister group. The propaganda  is what they WANT to hear for its satisfies their belief system.

Reports are coming out that ISIS wants to invade Europe. This is total insanity, but it is out there, It appears this is the hype to build their forces even more. Unfortunately, when the economy turns down after 2015.75, things are going to get really bad. Even in the USA, the Census Bureau has reported that 30.3% of Millennials (18 in year 2000+) are still living with their parents. The unemployment among the youth (under 25) in Europe is over 60%. As the economy turns down, we are looking at things getting much worse all because government is destroying the economy. We are in BIG CRUNCH economically and this is DEFLATION. This creates a reservoir for armies like ISIS.