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Is there War in the Air?

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Inside sources are confirming the rebels staged the attack in Syria 2 days after the UN team got there and it was within 10 minutes of where they were. This is becoming a religious war and the overthrow of Syria is likely to create another Iran, not a land of democracy where everyone lives happily ever after. The Syrians are trying to expose what the Rebels are doing. Russia is lining up with Syria and the US has seemed more interested in invading Syria to distract once again the people from a domestic economic decline. The US needs an enemy and it can smell the economic decline coming. I reported that the Fed was advising banks they will apply Glass-Steagall and will not be covering losses from trading any more. They have also been warning the banks that there will not be a flight to quality so they better re-calibrate their models, which always fail anyway. When you rig the game, why spend a fortune on real models? That is what bribes are for – get real!