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Is Paranoid Becoming Normal?

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NSA is collecting ALL phone calls from Verizon under court order.

These people are just out of control. They are collecting everything possible. Why do they have to know everything about everyone? Are they the ultimate Paranoid Nut Jobs who can’t sleep at night worrying someone may say something on a phone they do not like?

Get the hell out of the Middle East and they will leave us alone, and we get to restore our rights. Stop the paranoia about crazy people and camels! We have to lose everything because these people want to play king of the hill. Neither China nor Russia will invade the USA. Communism fails economically all by itself just as socialism is doing right now. Just what kind of world are these people creating? Let Russia take Europe. Once they see the unfunded socialism, they will pay to get out and say – sorry, just joking!

The unemployment among the youth will lead to massive revolution on a grand scale all because these people refuse to reform. We have IRS agents staying in hotel rooms that cost $3,500 a night. I advised on assets well beyond a trillion dollars and never spent that much on a hotel room ever. This is the underbelly of deflation. Rising costs, declining economic growth, to the point of sheer collapse. Just insanity running wild.