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Is Obama Just Insane?

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I have dealt with many governments in my life and I have come to understand you CANNOT and SHOULD NEVER put your opponent in a box publicly for his own political livelihood is then on the line and he MUST respond or be overthrown. This is simple common sense in international politics and I have preferred to be an observer rather than a player.

I have sat in meetings with governments in Asia to Europe and the ONLY reason I have done so, is because I understand that cardinal rule. I once had to advise a head of state that he had no choice but to devalue his currency. I was told that was impossible because it was a campaign promise that would not happen. I had to craft the words to say the currency would float to seek its OWN LEVEL. That was “politically” acceptable since it was not a decreed “official” devaluation despite the fact the free markets would do the same thing.

I have NEVER in my entire life witnessed such BRAIN-DEAD decisions coming from the Obama Administration in any government in the world or former administrations. To impose “sanctions” on Russia is absolutely INSANE!!!! That puts Putin in a box that he cannot escape from for if he relaxes he is then seen as weak at home and the hardliners will eat him alive. Obama has just made the crisis far worse.

Russia has retorted and it will now CANCEL all nuclear treaties. It can shut off the energy to Europe and watch them crawl. Now, any international observers will NEVER get into Crimea. We have dumb and dumber at the helm here. Obama is doing EVERYTHING perfectly wrong and this escalation will only grow far worse. Even China has rejected Obama’s Sanctions. Just what did he expect? Putin will suddenly say, gee, I was wrong? Come on. This is like some stupid fight with his wife and I refuse to talk until you do what I say.

As for the Republicans itching for war, go ahead, pick up arms, and go over yourself. McCain – you are no Nelson Mandela who turned the other cheek and reached enlightenment. You came out of prison bitter and nasty itching for war. What is that? Revenge of the Over-The-Hill-Crowd? Stop sending kids to fight your deranged ideas of king of the mountain. This older generation cannot die off fast enough to save humanity.

Sorry – this is no way to run a government. You cannot humiliate Putin and actually expect progress – this is inviting war. You cannot defeat China & Russia. So what is anyone trying to accomplish here? Freedom and Liberty for All?

When I was called in by China and met with the Central Bank, they stated right up front, they agreed with our analysis, but they could not come out and politically say what we were saying. This is no different. You cannot come out and try to make Putin back down before the entire world. This is pure stupidity. If I were him, that audacity would prevent any negotiation at this point and I could not blame him or China for saying that Obama is seriously out of line. Putin cannot now yield or he will lose control of government. This is absolutely the worse political move I have EVER witnessed in my life for it has ZERO chance of doing anything positive and it will throw away everything every presidency has tried since Nixon – create a dialog for peace.

The former Soviet possessions are now arming. Do so wisely – for you cannot count on Obama solving any problem other than making it far worse. Normally we say it ain’t over until the Fat Lady Sings. This time, it may not be over until Obama reverses his own policy and sings – Sorry. My Bad!