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Is Gold Still Viable?

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I’m 47….basically one question……….is Gold over for my life time?


Should I just sell it?


What does the ECM say about Gold after big bang?

thanks for all you efforts.


D in … Australia. 

ANSWER: No. Gold is still a vital component for what we face. My problem is purely with the gold promoters who get all crazy yell about $50,000 gold and pretend they would be right but for people like me and the bankers who manipulate it lower for no real reason.

Gold has performed according to our forecast which is a total global interconnected model. You can no longer forecast anything in isolation. It is entirely connected. Gold will decline further and shake the promoters from every tree. For a real bottom, gold has to look like it is dead. The mainstream bastion of buyers are gone. The promoters have wiped them out as they have always done. They are no different from the stock brokers during the Great Depression who kept telling people to average in all the way down – but never sell. That is just not viable advice.

The key for gold is to make sure you use coins. Governments are hunting everything. They are connecting the dots. Gold refiners now must report every ounce in and out. The governments know about the underground system. They are hell bent on destroying it.

Gold will rally on the benchmarks as laid out in the special report on the International Precious Metals Report. Just keep in mind that you should NEVER put all your assets in one investment.