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Is anything really Random?

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Are random events truly possible? Doesn’t the connection of events mean that specific events aren’t random? I seem to get randomly selected by government for the same things at a rate that would appear to exceed probability.  Like random jury duty every time I’m eligible for last 30 years. Or random selected audits every year for same thing. So how do patterns and cycles relate to random events?

Thanks Bill

ANSWER: It is impossible to create any system that is random. No matter what, in computing, a pattern will always emerge precisely as this pretend random image that quickly falls into a pattern. It is simply impossible to create a truly random number generator. In gambling, there are card counters that they make illegal. Look at a casino and you will notice that they rotate the dealers regularly moving them from table to table. WHY? Because they will end up in a pattern. Even in roulette, there will be some numbers that never come up and others that regularly appear. A pattern will emerge so they move the dealers around to prevent people from playing the patterns. It is very interesting, but there is nothing that can ever be random. It is a part of life. There are some people you will be attracted to and others you prefer to stay away from at all costs.