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Is Anyone Really in Charge?

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I think your take on conspiracy theories is refreshing especially to someone like me who is little leaning towards them.   While I am happy to concede that there is no one truly behind the curtain isn’t it bad enough that there are forces definitely TRYING to control the world which ultimately cannot be controlled. (The writings of Rockerfeller, Zbigniew Brezinski are testament to this). In your recent writings you said that the NWO is impossible unless there is some kind of war. Well isn’t war in the plan to achieve that aim. Just as politicians will never relinquish power there are power addicted forces that will stop at nothing to get what they want.

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REPLY: I believe we need conspiracies for the same reason they say if God did not exist, man would create him. We look at government as a god – all-powerful, yet we do not understand how they function. The Fed plays the game because they know it is really a matter of confidence, A bank run is a panic spreading by fear – a lack of confidence. They control the media to control confidence. Snowden had to turn to the Guardian in Britain because no US newspaper would have published that story. I can tell you for at least two years in advance I was being warned by people on Capitol Hill that the NSA was sucking up even their emails. This was not hush-hush. This was said to me openly, which meant you can bet every journalist covering Washington also knew but did not print the story.

We need conspiracies so we can sleep at night thinking someone is in charge.But it is far worse than any conspiracy when you realize nobody is deliberately causing this nightmare, and NOBODY can stop it either.

I use to think there were such dark forces. But after the computer predicted correctly not just the precise day of the October 19th 1987 Crash, but the point move and more importantly that this was the LOW and new HIGHS would be seen by 1989, so when the Crash came in 1989, I had two phone going simultaneously and on my left ear was the US Treasury and in my right was the Bank of Canada. They both wanted to know if they should be intervening. What did the model say?

I came to realize, there were no groups. If anyone was really in control, nobody would bother calling me. Why would the CFTC actually put in papers that I was manipulating the world economy because their view was we were the largest adviser ever. Just total nonsense. There is no such group. This is far worse for there is no plan and NOBODY can stop it if they wanted to.


Does it really matter if there is a group or not when the problem is structural? It will collapse regardless because nobody in their right mind would have designed such a system this way. Anyone in the private sector who ran a company the way these people run government would be in prison for life if not fried in an electric chair.

Kangaroo Driving Cab

We are collapsing the same as Rome and every Empire before us and there were no groups that were credited with those events. Communism fell for the same reason and it did not require war – it was structural! Cheer up. We are in a cab and the driver is a kangaroo. It cannot get any more crazy than this.. You will wish there was some all-powerful group who you could bribe to reverse this mess. It ain’t gona happen! We are still collapsing all by ourselves. Will it make you feel any better if there is some sinister group? The reason I point this out is because government will prefer to look for a conspiracy they can blame and if they are rich, hey that justifies communism. Government needs conspiracy groups to get them off the hook. If we entertain this nonsense of conspiracies, we will never restructure government correctly and thus it is all pointless – we are just morons repeating the same mistakes over and over again. Blame conspiracies and you will support Communism and lose all freedom. This is a structural collapse that cannot be prevented without the complete reform of politics moving to a real Democracy not a pretend one that is really a corrupt Republic.