IRS has always been a Political Tool against the Press & Individuals

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The IRS has been targeting conservatives groups for political purposes. Whenever someone offends the government, out come the tax charges. This is how they control the press. The pick up the phone and ask for a favor. If you dare say no, out comes the IRS to examine the paper of the individual. Lyndon LaRouche was a presidential candidate eight times between 1976 to 2004, running once for his own U.S. Labor Party. He also campaigned 7 times for the Democratic Party nomination. He had enough money to run TV advertisements and then they went after him sentencing him to 15 years’ imprisonment in 1988 for conspiracy to commit mail fraud and tax code violations. I am not agree with what he had to say, but he had the right to say it.

As long as there is income tax, there is nobody they cannot intimidate. They can prevent the free press and restrain any political rival. Obama is clearly targeting the conservatives trying to destroy them and of course he would never admit to anything along those lines. It is like the bankers who always blame rouge traders who amazingly have $8 billion trades on they didn’t know existed. Right! And we live in a free and honest country as well.

It is so essential to eliminate income tax because it impacts everyone and has always been abused for political purposes. This is nothing new.,0,2213444.story