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Inside Ukraine – The Same Tactics as Iran

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The uprising in Iran was met with secret police going after anyone who joined the protests. Ukraine is adopting the same methods. Instead of confrontation that makes the TV, they are targeting anyone who participates in the protests individually and their families. This is not like civil war in the sense of one-armed group against another. This is now migrating to KGB methods against any of those who participate in the protest even if they are just journalists or students and did not do anything violent at all. This is a new development based upon our sources and pay close attention – for this is not merely the method of Iran that succeeded to squashing that uprising, but it is most likely going to become the new way ALL governments deal with the protests that will only gather steam especially after 2015.75.

The Ukraine government is adopting this new strategy to suppress the uprising yet be able to avoid putting on a grand show trying to avoid confrontation with the masses. There has been some monitoring of the internet and blackouts, which the government is now claiming it is purely a technical coincidence. This strategy is working for it is the classic divide and conquer. This is removing any visible signs of confrontational events with the mass of the population as the city people keep going on living as if nothing had happened.

This is the new strategy. Target the protesters and show up at their homes. It reduces the visible signs and succeeds in suppression.