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Individual Computer Forecasting for Small Business Itself

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QUESTION: Dear Mr. Armstrong,

Congratulations and for all the wonderful work your doing. Al the best.

I have been following your posts since 2010 and i must admit your take on the world especially the politics of it gives the common man a perspective he never would have from both the mainstream press as well as the CT’s.

What i am really excited about is your concept of the AI and how it can be applied along with the GMW. Below is an excerpt of what you have on the PEI website –

“The key to understanding the global economy and the proper asset allocation remains international capital flows. Comprehending of how capital rushes around the world is essential to our financial survival. It is this interaction on a global scale of capital moving around rapidly that produces the real booms and busts”.

My question is this:

Can this model be applied to business segments and industries? I work in international trade and what i would love to understand is if your model could be used to predict booms or busts in certain sectors, not with respect to price alone but in relation to consumer preferences, demand and so on.

What i am trying to get at is can your model be used by conglomerates and even small to mid size companies (if they can afford it) to predict the best times to enter and exit a business, to invest in new markets or exit them.

Your views would be greatly appreciated. Please do reply.

When will you be coming to India?.

Many Thanks.

ANSWER: Yes. The model can be applied on a fractal basis and that means right down to individual company performance, sales, production, etc. You can even take your date of birth and plot 8.6 year cycle intervals from that date and see if you yourself are correlating to the frequency through your own ups and downs economically – (sorry it is not astrology so it will not tell you who your perfect match might be. The only prediction possible on that sore is when you get married, from then on, you will never again get a window seat when flying together).

We will be setting up systems whereby companies can input their personal data and the computer will then provide the forecasts and turning points in the future. We use to do this for the biggest companies. We will now bring this down to scale for small business.

I will probably visit India before year-end.