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Indefinite Detention Struck Down as Unconstitutional

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Judge Katherine B. Forrest of the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York issued a permanent injunction barring the government from relying on the defense authorization law to hold people in indefinite military detention on suspicion that they “substantially supported” Al Qaeda or its allies — at least if they had no connection to the Sept. 11 attacks.


Of course, they may roll out the extremely oppressive Judge John Walker, Bush’s cousin, to overrule her. With all the judges in NYC, I managed to get Walker for EVERY appeal other than one. I should go to Vegas with such amazing luck. Walker is the one who crowned judges with the supreme power of a king and ruled that citizens can be held until they die without a trial. Because of this man who respects absolutely nothing about Constitutional rights no less human rights, the Supreme Court was taking my case to rule on his absurd reasoning.

The government got two or three postponements in the Supreme Court as they tried to figure out strategy and then released me for fear that without some law, Walker’s insane decision would not hold up. If you are not being unconstitutionally held, then that dismisses the case – another ploy to manipulate the law. They can do whatever they want to you for decades and release you before your day in court and it vanishes into thin air.

After my release, the bureaucrats rolled out Lindsey Graham (the alleged closet homosexual under threats of exposing his sex trips to France) to introduce this law. His words are those of an outright traitor. To deny people the right to a lawyer as they did to me is outrageous. I was competent in the law to deal with it. Others, such as Steven H. Schiffer, he was driven to suicide after they took his lawyers away and mentally tortured the guy. The mentally tortured Aaron Swartz who they also drove to suicide.

These are the types of characters – pretend “representatives” of the people and judges, who are the real tyrants just as morally corrupt as Yanukovych and deserve what they have tried to do to the American people. They enacted this law to try to do what they did to me “legal” but they are no different from the worst tyrants in a communist state. They do not believe in Due Process of law or anything that the American Revolution stood for, I salute Judge Forest, but this now begins the corrupt process to the Supreme Court.


President Obama is supposed to be a constitutional lawyer. I have studied law intensely and there is no foundation in history to justify his position on the NSA or to imprison people indefinitely without trials or lawyers. Obama no doubt is crying that he is losing his battle to destroy the constitution both with his support of the NSA and now with Lindsey Grakam’s insanity. If Russia adopted such a position, Obama would be the first to say they are not being Democratic.


BTW – The Tripartite Government is also a myth for the Supreme Court held there is NO RIGHT to be heard in that court – it is a privilege for they decide if they even want to listen. That was not the design of the constitution for there is no check and balance by any independent judiciary. It simply does not exist!

We NEED serious REFORM – Ukraine – you have a chance to show the world how government should really be. Stand up – it is your moment in history if you can grab the brass ring – take it! You will get such support from people around the world – forget governments. Real capital and real people..