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IMF Wants To Strip the Rich of Wealth – Brilliant Marxist Organization

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The Socialists are everywhere. Now the IMF has come out with the brilliant idea to tax the rich and target the multinational corporations to solve the budget deficits. These people simply belong in prison because they are far more dangerous to society than and rapist or armed robber. Their victims will be the entire society.

What is interesting is that one of the Ten Commandments states thou shalt not covet their neighbor’s goods. Yet this is what socialism is all about – take from someone else so they do not have to work so hard. The problem emerging is this is the same as Communism and that did not work so well. It is the small business man who hires 70% of the workforce – not big corporations and government workers are “public servants” because they consume the nation’s wealth and produce nothing. I find it curious that we continue to follow Karl Marx right down the drain.

This will be the final nail in our coffin. Confiscate everything, so just how will you then solve the more than 60% of the youth who cannot find a job in Europe and 65% of college graduates saddled with student loans cannot find a job in the USA in the field they spent a fortune to learn in school. So how is balancing the budget going to fix these problems? Why is it that nobody in government will ever say perhaps they should spend less? Gee – do you think it is that would deprive them of their pensions at our expense?

It was the IMF who also suggested taking 10% of everyone money to cover the bankers. The IMF is truly becoming one of the most dangerous Marxist Institutions in the world destined to strip us of all our rights in the meantime.