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ICIJ – Just a Bunch of Left-Wing Marxists?

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This ICIJ body of so-called journalists/Marxists can only see that money is hidden offshore that should be confiscated and taxes. This is no different from Communism and fascists in that such policies also sought to just confiscate all wealth and the state is even capable of running the economy. It was Hitler who first made it a crime to have money offshore in 1933. These pretend journalists only have this view that the private capital should be destroyed not that government should reform. They hunt down people to confiscate their wealth, but never look at how government spends what they confiscate.

The City of Detroit is the example of our future. The city collapsed and pensions were moving into default because pensions consumed more than 50% of the current tax revenues. Politicians are notorious for never telling the truth. Look at the statements of Obama before and after he became President. There is no reconciliation whatsoever demonstrating that he stands for nothing based upon principle. Merkel is the same in Germany.

This group of pure Marxists journalists only see the private individual as evil and kisses the ground that politicians walk upon. With more journalists like this, we will lose all our liberty and transform the West into the land of Utopia where all investment ceases to exist. Is there any wonder why unemployment among the youth exceeds 60%. Just who is going to create jobs that contribute to the national wealth? Putin, Obama, and Merkel?


It would be nice just for once to see a group like this tear apart government and expose the lies and corruption that have combined to reduce our standard of living and rob the youth of their future. They pretend to be for public integrity. Well start doing your real job for confiscating everything in private hands will never satisfy the government spending. How about starting to explain how 70% of the national debts is just accumulated interest payments that created NO social good.