IBM using BitCoin Technology – Leveraging the World

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COMMENT: Hi Martin,

This one might interest you, as it is exactly what you told us that is coming:

Kind regards, Alex

REPLY: Yes, I have been in discussions with various governments who have expressed directly that they were looking at how bitcoin would operate. They are moving to electronic. That is without question. They are interested in tax collection. Anyone with a Ebay ro Paypal account received notices that full details for the IRS had to be on file. Our one account was suspended because it did not match IRS records. When I had to deal with the problem, it was clear the problem was the match is being done by computers so if you had any character that was off such as a “,” rather than a “.” the IRS kicked it out. This is all being done by computer and it must be a perfect match.

They have cameras tracking where you drive by license plates. Face recognition just entering a post office. Come on. And you think they will not close down absolutely every avenue?  There will most likely be an underground economy, but that will probably be limited. This is why I have suggested bags of silver coins for they will be recognizable assuming you have someone willing to accept them for the silver content rather than just 25 cents. That might be a hard sell to someone younger who pays with their cell phone. They do not know what a 45 record might be or an 8-track tape no less a silver quarter. You cannot judge everyone by what you believe. Only a fool refuses to understand there are different belief systems.

The downside of the precious metals, which is a concern, is that you cannot hop on a plane with them anymore. It is considered money laundering to store them in most safe deposit boxes. The governments require refiners to report every ounce in and out and where it went. It is illegal to mail money today. Read between the lines here. Government is trying to shut down even the precious metals as an alternative. They are gradually forcing everyone into electronic money. They are desperate to retain control. They are applying leverage to the entire world to retain power.