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Hypocrisy of US Mainstream Press

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President Obama has been the most aggressive in going after “leaks” that reveal how government lies to the people on one subject or another. His efforts to protect the government are disgraceful and if government was honest, well there wouldn’t be leaks.

But the real issue that is a disgrace has been the conduct of the American mainstream press. When they are attacked like the Associate Press reporters covering leaks, suddenly their is solidarity. Yet I fail to see the difference when it came to Julian Assange. There was absolutely no such solidarity in reaction to the government’s open, public accusations against Mr Assange for exposing the same issues of government cover-ups. Fox News commentators were dismissive of Mr Assange’s free-speech claims. The real shocker was the Washington Times who ran an op-ed piece that advocated the assassination of Mr Assange, while the National Review Online‘s Jonah Goldberg wondered why Mr Assange wasn’t dead already!

Julian Assange’s actions of Wiki-Leaks were exactly the same as those of Fox News’s Mr Rosen. So who in the mainstream media is setting the tone to kill foreign reporters seeking the truth? In my own case, I confronted Judge Richard Owen with his conduct that is anyone else did would have been a life sentence being 5 years for each instance of altering court documents. The courtroom was packed. EVERY news organization was there. Lawyers said I was crazy. “You cannot accuse a judge publicly of changing the transcripts.” Yet, everyone knows they do it and the Second Circuit Court of Appeals acknowledged they do it and claimed it lacked the power to order judges to obey the law in US v Zichettelo (see page 97).

Nonetheless, I simply do not care. If they want to kill me, do it. I have never feared death and agreed with Socrates it is either a migration of the soul to where you see all your old friends or it is like a mid-summer night sleep, so peaceful I would not even be disturbed by a dream. How many of us have such wonderful nights? So when you really do not fear the corruption of people like Tancred Schiavoni of O’Melveny & Myers and Allen Cohen of Goldman Sachs, and their support of altering the records to cover-up their crimes, it leads to interesting results. There were so many people there that day to what this spectacle of putting a Federal judge in the spot light and his whole staff, that Judge Richard Owen was scared. He could not deny his illegal actions. So I forced him to publicly admit his crime.

JUDGE RICHARD OWEN: “I don’t remember ever making any change to a transcript of any substance whatever. I may have stuck in a coma. I may have stuck in a dash. But I don’t remember ever changing anything of substance.”

(Southern District of New York Tr; 9/23/03, p45, L7-11)

The mainstream press knows that the NY court is rotten to the core. They refuse to publish the truth EVER. The Second Circuit REFUSED to recuse the judge even after this public spectacle. Andrew Ross Sorkin of the New York Times then now CNBC Anchor and author of Too Big to Fail came to see me about this very issue and told me Judge Owen was altering the transcripts in Frank Quatrone’s case as well. But the New York Times would NEVER allow a journalist to report how really corrupt the legal system is. How can anyone believe anything in court when they can change the words you speak? I wrote to Dorothy Heyl of the SEC and said just get it over with and produce a transcript that I confessed to whatever they wanted. Since they can change the words you speak in a “public” hearing, then what is the point of all the nonsense?

The mainstream press is way too much in bed with government. When Thomas Jefferson was asked if he had to choose between a “free” press and government which would he choose? He said the press. They were supposed to be a first line of defense to ensure “public trials” I was denied and honesty in government when they called for the assassination of Assange for doing what a REAL journalist should be doing. Reforming government will require reforming the so called “free press” as well. It should be a crime not to report the truth when you know what it is. Journalists would print it. Their bosses won’t let them.