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Hunt for Money & TiSA Negotiations Leaked by WikiLeaks

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Leaked WikiLeaks documents reveal the Abbott government in Australia is moving with the EU and the USA in a secret trade negotiation that is aimed at bringing about radical deregulation of international banking and finance sector. While this Trade in Services Agreement (TiSA) negotiations, reported by The Age, show Australian trade negotiators are working on a financial services agenda that could end the Australian government’s ”four pillars” banking policy and allow foreign banks much greater freedom to operate in Australia, there is also a secret agenda according to our sources that go hand in hand with global reporting of anyone who has accounts outside their home country. This is under the cloud of deregulating financial institutions when in fact it is also ensuring transparency for government tax authorities to hunt money internationally.

All financial data will be freely transferred overseas. This is the main objective. I was in Brussels for meetings. The most interesting aspect of this trip was they stopped me at customs because I was dressed in a suit and tie. It was clearly a money hunt inspection. I produced my passport and they wanted to see where I bought the ticket. I clearly would not have owed taxes on some imported trinkets and there were no questions regarding that. It was simply a stop and check to see if I was moving money between countries and where was I domiciled. This is the FIRST time I have ever been stopped ever. Let’s see what happens when I return to the States.