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How To Rig An Election in UK – And Anywhere Else for that Matter

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Stalin was Absolutely Right – Votes Mean Nothing – Elections are decided by those who count. There goes the future of Scotland. This lady somehow really needs to be investigated. Who told her to do this? You can bet it was not her alone. Investigate and she will give up everyone who instructed her. Was she even Scottish?

We need to vote by our laptop whereby your SS# is secure for credit cards, how about we simply set up a system you log on with your id and vote. One vote one id. As you vote the count is shown right there – not waiting for a count. The computer counts automatically with no backdoor access. You can prevent hacking by one vote one IP and one connection. Enter the screen code a computer cannot read. Easy to program. No big deal. We secure elections and there is no need to send in votes by mail for you can vote from anywhere. Those who do not have a computer can still go down to the library, school, or court-house, or have someone at home log in for them.

We need FAIR and REAL elections. How dare these people ask our children to die on a battlefield so they can retain power with fake elections. We need real DEMOCRACY. Everything should be subject to vote and eliminate career politicians who are paid to support a particular position. After all, if people can go to Wall Street to protest “Climate Change”, do something worthwhile just for once and stop being fools. If we can go to electronic currency – we can go to online voting free of this nonsense that is outright criminal.