How I See The World

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Einstein-How I See The World


Albert Einstein Documentary

To Advance, you must explore the world like a child – to simply be in awe of everything around you and to embrace the curiosity of wonder, never the assumption of conclusion. To be a non-conformist is the essence of exploration for within that element lies the wisdom to embrace the new and abandon the past.

Einstein was aware of his celebrity, but he never surrendered his own humble humanity. To live is to think, to conform is to surrender your thoughts. It is a willingness to expand the mind and simultaneously to never assume you are right. With each new day comes something new to learn and with that knowledge comes wisdom.

To see the future, we must comprehend the past. Opinion has little value for soap-boxes do not truly make a person taller. This is not a contest of who is right or wrong, for those who confine themselves to such a black and white world will never see the color that brightens the world. Wisdom comes from knowledge, which comes from trial and exploration. To assume you are right and reject any challenge is the mark of a fool, not of wisdom.

Einstein’s approach to the world was precisely that. Never surrender your imagination for within that spirit lies the truth and all wisdom. How I see the World, is much the same as Einstein. I look and I see the patterns, the formula by which all things must exist. The essence of how energy moves in waves that governs absolutely everything. Once you see the formula is in everything, you will come to understand that energy has no beginning and no end for it can only be transformed, but neither created not destroyed. It is the essence of everything.