How Bureaucrats Undermine Everything

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Bureaucrats are truly the plague of society. These are typically the people afraid to actually get a job in the real world for they would have to be judged upon their skills. They more often than not like the safe steady job where they cannot be fired and do not actually have to perform. I personally witnessed where they ordered a bell cast to honor the dead in 911. They spelled “Our Fallen Heros” on the bell. They must have confused that with the sandwich.

There were the Swiss bureaucrats who agreed that the US government could bring charges against Swiss bankers only back to 2008. They not merely surrendered Swiss sovereignty, they wiped out the entire banking system with that brain-dead idea. They might as well just said the USA can prosecute any Swiss for acts in Switzerland abolishing international law. Under this theory, the Swiss should be able to sue each other in an American court since it is now just an American possession like Puerto Rico. What happened to territorial jurisdiction? I would have taken the USA to international court.

Of course these brilliant American bureaucrats created Obamacare. They declared everyone should be treated fairly and that insurance must include maternity leave for everyone. Suddenly 60 year-old men who were divorced were without health insurance because they did not have maternity leave. Funny what happens when you say everyone!

The French bureaucrats just pulled a real brilliant one. They ordered 2000 new trains and didn’t bother to measure them, Oops! They were too wide and could not run on the tracks.

Guess you can see why these people work for government. Nobody in their right mind would hire such idiots.