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House Votes to Defund Obamacare – Again

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There remains a huge battle going on inside the Republican Party. The House Republicans are struggling between the Boehner camp that asks “why can’t we just all get along – its business as usual – can’t you get it”. Boehner threw off anyone who supported Ron Paul from any financial committee. He could care less about Republican ideals and the democratic process. To him, it is party politics only. His view, say what you have to get elected, then he will tell you how to vote.

This party battle over how to tackle the Affordable Care remains at the heart of the mantra of the fiscal-conservative Republicans. True, the law was found constitutional by the Supreme Court in 2012 as a tax yet the Democrats swore it was not a tax to pass it. For months, Boehner resisted calls from conservative members in the House and Senate to use the CR (Continuing Resolution) as a vehicle to defund Obamacare, but they relented this week by announcing that the bill sent to the Senate would not include funding for the law when it was passed today.

The House therefore approved a bill to temporarily fund the government that would strip funding for the 2010 Obamacare that is a move, which will set up a showdown with the Senate next week that could result in a government shutdown. The bill, which Democrats in the Senate plan to reject in its current form, would set spending levels at $986.3 billion through Dec. 15. However, Congress must pass a CR to set federal funding levels by Oct. 1, or the government will partially close. No doubt our computer has been targeting the last week of September and then the weeks of Oct 7th/14th look key. House Republicans see the mandatory deadline as a final opportunity to cripple the 3-year-old Obamacare law.

The bill passed largely along party lines. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid intends to strip out the part of the bill that defunds the health care law when the upper chamber takes up the measure next week. Obama vowed to veto any CR that does not include funding for Obamacare. Can you image how many Bloombergcare laws would get in if he were president. He would outlaw Coke, Pepsi, Pizza, and whole milk just for starters 🙂