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Home Land Security wants National License Plate Tracking

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These people are trashing everything to do with the Constitution and there is nothing we can do about it when Congress are not real people but career drones who rubber stamp whatever the Bureaucracy desires. The latest proposal is to track all cars nationally. They will know where you are and where you have been at all times. The Washington Post has reported part of the issue – but these people dream of going far beyond George Orwell’s 1984.


Once you create such tools, they will be abused. Look at the New Jersey scandal with Governor Christie. Having the power to mess with opponents once created will ALWAYS, and without exception, lead to abuse. Christie awarded a contract as a New Jersey prosecutor to the retired John Ashcroft who was Attorney General earning tens of millions of dollars. This was not even to a law firm that was within the same state. This illustrates that the corruption – allow a prosecutor “discretion” and you get corruption at all sorts of levels. They always have some excuse. There is some pretend investigation that goes nowhere. They make some noise and then look the other way EVERY single time.

People with connections already can get lists of every phone number you called or called you. This information has found its way into private hands. This idea of tracking everyone’s car is so off the wall. Quite frankly, if it is so dangerous in the United States because everyone wants to blow everything up, it may be better to adopt a new policy of ISOLATIONISM. How about we stay the hell out of everyone else’s business since they do not come here to protect US citizens! We send our children to die overseas and then we surrender all our privacy and rights because people in the dark corners of the crevasses of Washington want to play king of the world with everyone’s lives. We seem to have to sacrifice everything for their power trips.


There was a time when it was nice, quiet, and safe in America. The wisdom that sparked a revolution has evaporated and the old saying – the King is dead, long live the king – is alive and well. We traded a king for Home Land Security and the NSA that have adopted the same precise policies of George III – the power to search anything at anytime without any particular reason known as Writs of Assistance.

Adams-JohnIt was John Adams who said the Writs of Assistance are what gave birth to the American Revolution. Tracking where you go and come without PROBABLE CAUSE is precisely the same violation of Liberty that created the United States. This demonstrates that ultimate power indeed corrupts ultimately. What have they done? We have lost all liberty and privacy.

The problem with creating new laws is HOW DO YOU ENFORCE THEM? You can make it illegal to have pre-marital sex. Who will enforce it? The Right to Privacy came on such an issue that was unthinkable. It rose to the Supreme Court in Griswold v. Connecticut, 381 U.S. 479 (1965), that became the landmark case of all time.The Supreme Court ruled that the Constitution protected a Right to Privacy. The case involved a Connecticut law that prohibited the use of contraceptives. By a vote of 7–2, the Supreme Court invalidated the law on the grounds that it violated the “right to marital privacy”. How does government enforce such a law? Do they enter the bedroom just before you are to have sex and inspect to see if you are using a condom that were invented in Roman times?

Once you allow Home Land Security to create a national tracking system, where does it end? Europe is proposing to revoke the right to free travel of those who protest against government. Rome created passports to allow you to travel within the Empire that could only be done IF YOU DID NOT OWE TAXES! Barbara Boxer has adopted the same power of Rome to the USA. The US government can revoke your passport if you owe them more than $50,000. This is not the land of the free. We are cattle to be herded and milked for money to support them and their friends.