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Hollywood Review of the Movie – THE FORECASTER

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The first reviews of the movie The Forecaster are now out. So far they have been positive. Some have pointed out that the government refused to respond leaving this a one-sided documentary. I have written to the Justice Department offering I would not sue them if they (1) admitted that the banks lied to them, and (2) then investigate the receiver for violating my civil rights for keeping me in prison to turn over assets for something I could not have possibly owed once HSBC/Republic National Bank plead guilty exempt from prosecution provided they return all the money to everyone. The government has refused to comply protecting the banks as always.

The Dutch TV covered the film on the National News. For balance, they went to the top economist in Holland. His reply was quite telling. Not that he could poke holes in the theory of the model, but rather his response was revealing – he simply said perhaps I was lucky in forecasting.

They will do a special worldwide showing on the internet for the demand from those in the industry is off the charts. That will probably be in early February and then there will be the theatrical release that has been moved up from September to April. Then around October it will hit the TV screens in Europe.

It appears that the timing is rather good since we have BIG BANG starting in October next year and thereafter we will see the impact unfold especially for the first 2 to 3 years into 2017-2018 culminating by 2020. It will be at this time that the banks will blow-up again. Hopefully, this film will help the general public become more aware of the real source of our problems being the money-center banks that want to be hedge funds with other people’s money. What will be exposed is the difference between TRANSACTIONAL banking where all that matters is the next deal and RELATIONSHIP banking where there is a synergy with the client that builds an economy rather than exploits it. The NY money-center banks have become high-flying transaction-based operations and the clients are the targets.