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Hollande’s Marxist Agenda has led to his Collapse in Approval Rating to just 9%

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Hollande - François-2

Less than in two years ago, Francois Hollande was elected with great hope and expectations. He has wasted the public hope and trust given him by the voters in his pursuit of the rich refusing to reform the welfare state that even the French believe has gone too far. According to a poll, if the election was held today, only 9% of the French would dare vote for him. Leading in popularity is Interior Minister Manuel Valls famous for sounding the alarm about the Africanization of France and deporting Romas. As the economy turns down, you run the risk of class warfare, but also foreigners are looked upon with different eyes. Remember the Boxer Rebellion in China against Westerners? The economy determines everything. France is illustrating the total collapse of the Marxist agenda.