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Hollande Calls for EU to Reduce Its Role

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Hollande Addresses Nation on EU Failure 5-26-2014

French President Francois Hollande at last got the message. The people do not want more social justice, they want freedom. Hollande called on Monday addressing the French people on TV stating that the European Union must reduce its role and that it had become “remote and incomprehensible”. He at last got the message saying that “[t]his cannot continue. Europe has to be simple, clear, to be effective where it is needed and to withdraw from where it is not necessary.”

The people of Europe never agreed to the Federalization of Europe. The politicians thought they were clever and would sneak this agenda in little by little. I have stated that they came to me at the start of design. I told them flat outright the euro would fail unless there was the nationalization of all member debts. They did not think they could get the support for that at the time and pushed forward creating a federal bureaucracy and a single currency. The design was a disaster and warned them at that time the euro would fail. Without a consolidation of the member debts, the euro could NEVER compete against the dollar nor become the reserve currency lacing a deep market to park money. This is the same brain-dead reasoning that people claim the dollar will collapse because Russia and China are striking a deal to price product outside the dollar. Sorry, but the yuan is less than 10% of trade flows and the euro is below even China.