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Hoards & 12 Caesars

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12 caesars

A lot of people have been asking if we have any more coins to sell from hoards. Another sent this photo in and asked what would a set of the 12 caesars cost. I personally think that the price of $97,500 is too high. I think a Very Fine set would probably be half that price. The hardest coins to find are Caligula and Otho.

I may be able to put together sets of Gallienus from the various mints after the debasement. Also a set of Constantine the Great, with Constans, Constantine II and Constantius II small bronze AE3s.

Babylonian Hoard

I have only a few of the Persian Darius I (510-386BC), the Persian king who invaded Greece. These are worn siglos all counter-stamped with banker marks. The image is that of the King as an archer with the reverse just a punch mark. I also have some late Constantine family small bronze issues. I will look to see what sets I can make up.

Gordian III Hoard Ant

I have been asked if I can still offer some of the later sets once again.

(1) 253AD until the Tetrarchy of Diocletian and Maximinus in 284AD runs about $2500 for 18 coins.

(2) Denarii from Domitian to Gordian III in VF-XF condition (14 coins)  runs about $2,000.

(3) Then the silver Antoniniani from Gordian III to Volusion (6 coins)  are about $900.