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Historical Perspective is Critical

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People believe WAY TOO MUCH about what politicians have to say. There is a guidebook even I could write on what to say to justify a predetermined action. The oldest excuse in the book is to invade another country to PROTECT your own citizens living there. I am not criticizing Putin here for our Russian readers. The US uses this one ALL the time for the very same reason. However, so did Adolf Hitler. He invaded Eastern Europe to “protect” the German people living there. This is standard operational procedure. Julius Caesar sent a force into Northern Italy to “protect” the people from the forces of the Republic. This is standard!!! I have stated countless times that HISTORY IS A CATALOGUE OF SOLUTIONS. Just look up what you want to do and you will find what to say every time. If you believe this stuff is real or sincere, don’t worry or bother to save for your future – government will be there to “protect” you as well. Good luck with that one.