Highest Impertinence of Kings & Ministers

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Smith Impertinence of Kings


I am reading your articles. I read you consider that the swiss proposal is  “a  stupid idea”.

Ok with that. But if governments start to take all credit away from banks: can this be a signal that a global debt forgiveness is coming for a “global reset” ?

Or not necessary?

is it possible that for a transition to a new monetary framework a radical solution is being prepared and these are the signals of that coming?

Or am I just dreaming?

Thanks in advance.

Best regards

ANSWER: Adam Smith observed that it was always the highest impertinence of kings and ministers to pretend to watch over the private credit of the people when they are incapable of managing themselves. These ideas are not the preparation for a reset, they are proposals coming from people who THINK fractional banking in the problem and argue government should take over that decision of who gets a loan. This is just another step toward totalitarianism. They are not planning on a global debt default or they would not be hunting money so desperately. We cannot continue down this path for there is nothing left after they destroy the synergy that binds individuals together into a civilization. The default comes when they run out of options and the MAJORITY realize the gig is up.