High End Real Estate $10 million+ Still Rising

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With the banking crisis looming in Europe, the IMF behind the drive to seize wealth on a global scale, big money of individuals continues to try to get “off the grid” as they say. Real Estate over $10 million is still booming as reported by AP.

PublicLandSales 1818-1923

We have real estate also mapped into the database that Socrates has correlated with overall trends. As I have stated numerous times, I began with NO theory, just an honest quest to discover what made the world economy tick. By gathering everything we would put into a time series, the understanding emerged that everything is connected.

UK-Real Estate 1970-2011



Shiller 2013


By gathering everything possible and putting it into the database, what Socrates resolved has been fascinating to say the least.

The same trend is impacting art and collectibles. Rare coins are becoming rarer as those who have them just hold and the supply continues to shrink. Every field is pretty much the same story. Nobody wants to sell for then what do you do with the cash?


Many emails have come in asking if we can assist in obtaining high-end ancient coins since they are an international item and movable without tariffs. I realize this may be in many respects safer than just metals and diamonds for transport. But I am not sure there is enough of a supply even available of coins $10,000+. Most seem to go to auction where they know they can get big bucks. Here is a Naxos tetradrachm, probably the finest known that would probably bring $1 million+ today. If there are any hoards that appear, I typically get a phone call. We will keep everyone in mind since so many are looking to get “off the grid” these days and ancient coins are not likely to be confiscated as was the case with gold..