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Hate Mail from Russia

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COMMENT: Instead of your fishy fiction you should say real story about us (Russian, Ukrainian and Belarus) and 309,6 circle of the Orthodoxy and their Capital in Rus land: Kiev, Moscow, St.Peterburg, Moscow and (Kiev in the future). But you wouldn’t, would you?


REPLY: Sorry. That entire region has a very deep history and you cannot stop just at the Rus. Then there is Ivan Mazepa and the Battle of Poltava had its 300th anniversary back on June 27th,  2009. This was a battle, where Peter the Great and the Russians defeated the Swedish army in a turning point in a war with Sweden. Poltava is actually in Ukraine, and Ivan Mazepa Remains a Ukrainian hero and a traitor to Russia to this very day. They saw themselves as Ukrainians even back then. So here we are facing the 309 .6 year cycle and we see Ukraine matched against Russia once again and you somehow say they are not Ukrainian because of the Kievan Rus. Interesting view and I suppose the NYSE is still owned by Indians.