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Roman As


The Roman god Janus is who January is named after. He is pictured with one face looking backwards and the other forward in time. He was the tradition of New Years Eve looking at the past and being optimistic of the new year to come. In that sense, he was all about cycles and learning from past events for the future.



The Temple of Janus was interesting. In time of peace, the doors at both ends remained closed. When Rome was at war, both doors remained open. This was the symbol and respect that the future outcome was always presenting a possibility for change.

These are concepts that endure today, even though there is no actual god Janus. The Romans created gods as did the Greeks representing particular things. In this sense, the doors are open right now and political change is in the wind as civil unrest rises.

If you understand the workings of things, the divine scheme upon which everything is constructed, then you will move with the business cycle instead of fighting it. It is truly an amazing force all on its own.