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Gun Shows Exploding in Attendance

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Well Obama did it. Gun shows and sales are soaring. When Katrina hit, there was no rule of law. People had to protect their own property from criminals who if Obama has his way, will be the only people armed. The police even abandoned the prisons leaving many to drown and without food. Their policy – better a dead prisoner than a live one. But the problem is, local prisons have even traffic offenders. Only 4% of prisoners are there for violence.

Leave the house without ID, and you will go to jail! A college student was thrown in jail in NYC because she left her ID in the hotel room. Why do you think the French Revolution started with freeing the prisoners on Bastille Day?

It is hard to image why Americans cannot be trusted with guns because of a few incidents out of 350 million people when in Switzerland everyone must serve in the army and they keep their guns in their homes afterwards. There will always be crazy people who will use a knife, bat, or a bomb. Because terrorists flew a plane into the World Trade Center should we ban planes? Why do we not simply enforce background checks for that is what the TSA does before you get on a plane. The Obama response in light of all the other draconian measures he has signed into law including the kill switch for the entire internet to shut down communications, just does not smell right. They fear Greece will unfold here when people do not get what they were promised. Why not reform instead of destroying liberty? They will collapse in the end anyway.