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Guillotine in 4 Days

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In just four days, the package of automatic spending reductions that was devised to be so distasteful to both parties so it would never be allowed to occur will almost certainly be allowed now occur. Obama was counting on the Republican fears for reelection. But the job cuts are in government where it should be. There were 7 agencies that approved the Mortgage Backed securities – SEVEN.

TheEndIsNear Why do we need so much overhead. When car companies looked for a handout the cries were loud. REFORM! Well, the same must be done in government. We need a real Guillotine to be taken to so many agencies it is not funny. Perhaps, just perhaps, someone one get the message – REPENT – the end is near. Do it now voluntarily or do it by sheer economic force. Either way – the wings of government are getting clipped.