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Greece Wants to Use Tourists as Tax Spies – Just Amazing

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The Greek government wants to use students, domestic workers and even tourists as spies, to report on the tax affairs of Greeks. The spies should be covered with video and audio devices. Training and equipment are to be paid by the other euro countries.Tourists who are planning a vacation in Greece and do not want get involved in rating out people may have to find someplace else to go.

Governments are tightening the noose that will hang themselves. There is nobody with even a tenth of a functioning brain to stop and think that this treatment cannot last forever and they are not stopping the whole debt machine anyway. ANYONE whose pensions and savings are in government bonds had better be prepared to get the hell out. US is OK for now, but even that will turn nasty after 2017.


This is the type of nasty attitude from government like “let them eat cake” that has historically separated those in government from their heads. Can’t we just reform one single moment in history? Do we always have to go to the extreme?