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Greece To Default in 2014 – Cycles of War – Presidential Elections 2016

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As we enter 2014, we may see Greece simply enter a default on its debt. This whole Euro nonsense is collapsing and we will have the May Elections in 2014 for the EU. Of course, even if the people voted for reform, the EU Commission has entered rules that even if the ELECTED politicians vote against the Commission, the Commission need not comply with any vote. Only the Commission can introduce legislation. Never anyone elected. Newly elected politicians can refuse a proposal from the Commission, but the Commission can still do as it likes and no vote can alter their agenda. This whole thing is one giant dictatorship clothed in a pretend Democracy. The EU Commission even covertly manipulated the Italian elections to get rid of the last Prime Minister Berlusconi because he was considering taking Italy out of the Euro. In Germany,  Angela Merkel has rejected any more direct referendums whatsoever.

The rising protests in Europe will most likely turn really nasty when the people find out that it does not matter who they elect to the EU, the Commission rules. Now they want a SuperBank that can dictate to any country and no country can overrule this Superbank that is appointed by the Commission and cannot be controlled by any popular vote.


Protest are rising everywhere as the Cycle of War turns and everything is unfolding just as our computer has been warning. Now we will have 2015.75 to look forward to and then the 2016 US Presidential Elections where we have a chance that 3rd Parties will rise in the USA. This next spike in 3rd Party Activity should be as high as we saw in the 1930s and may even be a all time new high.

German Debt Int%

Socialism is so great. They love to steal from the poor and hand it to their bankers that act like drug dealers telling them to borrow more or they will collapse. Meanwhile 70% of the national debt went out to interest on an average basis around the world – not to create anything worthwhile. Then they are hunting capital everywhere and destroying the world economy to get enough money to pay their lenders.

There is just nobody with a light on behind the eyes. They are cheering Obamacare that they now have 1 million people. Big deal. There are over 300 million in the population. That is not even a half of one percent. These people could not hand out life-jackets on a sinking ship even if they had twice as many passengers. IMPOSSIBLE!