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Greece The Rise of Nationalism – To Be Expected

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History repeats because the passions of mankind never change. Hitler was able to seize power following the 1918 Communist Revolution in Germany that set the stage for economic disaster. Destroy the economy from foreign sources, and you will get the same reaction. This is why it was so vital to go after the NY bankers that Obama refused to do. Sure he is pursuing some in the Libor Scandal, but allowing NY to rule the courts and politics invites war.

Bankers Testify

We are seeing the consequences of Obama’s inaction in Greece where behind the headlines remains the resentment toward the NY bankers and because of firms like Goldman Sachs and James Dimon head of J.P.Morgan, they have given rise to blaming the Jewish race as was the case in Germany that also began with the Jewish bankers. Greece has arrested political leaders of this new Golden Dawn nationalistic party. AJC Global Jewish Advocacy Praises Arrests of Golden Dawn Leaders. However, this fails to get to the root cause of what is taking place.

In Greece, this nationalistic party that has risen known as the Golden Dawn is caused by economics. This is not a racist issue that arises out of nowhere. Government has arrested leaders of this political party taking Greece deep into uncharted waters. We have to be mindful that this is precisely how Hitler came to power and he too had been arrested. Kill the economy, and holly hell will be unleashed. Economics is the real mover & shakers of the world. Nobody does anything unless there is some monetary reason – Cheney & Iraq – now Syria & the Pipeline.

We are rushing to get the full model up. This is clearly going to be our only hope if enough people comprehend the direction we are headed and make a conscientious effort to avert this disaster.