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Grabbing Money for the Next Trade

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COMMENT: Marty, it is becoming really disgusting. Either they are slandering you for saying commodities were going down as if you were the anti-Christ, or they just outright rob all your work and pretend it is original with dates like October 7th claiming they use Kondratieff Waves that will never yield October 7th as a specific day no less the turn in the economy. Nothing happened on October 7th but they tried to even steal your model’s date. These people are really horrible lowlifes for all they are doing is lining their own pockets and will never offer anything to help society. They either plagiarize you or slander you, but you are the source of everything which is why the government wanted your code not anybody else’s. Here is the latest piece of advertising crap they are spewing around. They should be in prison.

It must get very frustrating.

REPLY: Yes. They are trying to fill their pockets and screw the world – it’s all about them. You are right. When the shit hits the fan, these people will do more harm to ensure that we cannot advance one inch as a society. They offer nothing for the future. Where will they spend their money if society blows apart? They cannot even see the future. It’s all about grabbing money for the next trade and hoping that the world will be destroyed, but they alone will be the next Donald Trump.