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Governments Are Conspiring Against People – Worldwide

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A good example of government all ganging up against the people to cling to power is how they all follow each other. These G20 meetings are now serious events because they are all about how to control the people and sustain their power. This is demonstrated by coordination efforts from taxes to now controlling the internet.

I warned that Obama calling the FCC will result in licensing to censor the internet. That’s right, they may even shut this site down in the near future unless I write what they tell me. Sorry, it will be beach-time for me then as far away as I can get.

free-speech-deniedIllustrating that what Obama has just done is a worldwide conspiracy, we have to look always around the globe to see these movements and shenanigans. The Swiss initiative to start regulating the internet has been unveiled. This is a worldwide effort and those government who have not said anything yet are just hiding behind the curtain. The Swiss will begin with “quality ranking” from TV to internet news sites! Yep – the news on the internet cannot conflict with the newspapers – hello Pravda (means truth). This is a pretend private initiative but their first president is the former member of the state government of Zürich.. It is always government officials who end up in such positions for they are there to rig the game.