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Government NEVER Tells the Truth

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Twain-Government Loyalty

It is really beyond me that whether we are talking about people who commit crimes, terrorists, or just reporting statistics and accounting, those in government just can NEVER tell the truth and quite frankly there is NO controlling mechanism to ensure they will ever tell the truth. It is a criminal offense to lie to Congress but it is standard operational procedure to lie to the people. At least the Romans created the office of the Tribune who could prosecute anyone in government. Of course, under Imperial Rome, the Emperor usurped that power of the Tribune. We lack that mechanism in our modern societies and honestly,  we are getting what we deserve – crops of professional liars

Now on June 12th some fiscal-conservative senators have sent a letter to Defense Department Comptroller Robert Hale demanding that the Pentagon to stop an accounting practice widely known as “plugging,” These plugs are fictitious dollar amounts inserted into financial ledgers to make it appear that the Pentagon’s books balance. Effectively, if you did that the IRS would imprison you. This is the same thing the VA Scandal. They just have false books and records to hide a disaster.

This is common in Europe and Japan. The numbers are just not the numbers. When this blows up, everybody will wonder why it come from nowhere.