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Government – Designed by Geniuses – Run by Morons

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We cannot escape the fact that people have lost their faith in government. The latest polls show the approval rating of the US Congress has fallen to 11%. When the USA started bombing Libya, even support for Muammar Muhammad al-Gaddafi was at 85% and at its lowest point it was 15%. Today,  57% of voters not affiliated with either major party disapprove of the job Obama is doing. The world at large regards Edward Snowden as a hero and have depicted him as a crusader against a nefarious surveillance state reminiscent of the East German Stasi. Obama will not prosecute any banker and will protect them only because Goldman Sachs was his biggest contributor. Obama considers collaboration and conscience among free thinking people as treason, science is considered a matter of opinion when it does not support the desires of government, immigration is considered a threat, and every solution is a suboptimal compromise enacted at midnight and where every day we see proof of the theory that America is a country that is nothing like its design.


In Europe, the latest polls show that the majority of Germans want Brussels to return powers to the nation states. For citizens to speak to the parties in the Bundestag from their distrust. A survey has also shown that the Bundesbank has lost much of its authority.

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Government has fallen into the hands of a dying generation with old Marxist ideas that are destroying society. They cannot see that raising taxes and shoveling tone of cash out to bankers is screwing the younger generation. They are protesting everywhere. That will eventually turn violent next year. You cannot keep raising taxes and hunting down the rich and expect to create jobs for the youth. The higher their unemployment, the less there is to pay pensions and the who system is imploding. It will crumble to dust and fall to the floor.