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Gorbachev One of the last few world leaders Blasts Obama as the Great Plague

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Gorbachev-MikhailI have known world leaders as everyone knows. There was a time when before Bush, Jr., you could have an intelligent conversation with such people. Ever since, the quality of leadership has crashed and burned. One of the few true leaders who had courage and the brains behind it was Mikhail Gorbachev.

Now Mikhail Gorbachev has been a serious critic of Obama and Putin. In his new book Gorbachev writes in the epilogue of his just-completed book “Posslje Kremlja” (“After the Kremlin”). “The world stands on the brink of a major disaster.” Gorbachev argues that the only way for peace in Ukraine and in Europe to unfold requires a new dialogue between Russia and the United States.

Gorbachev has stated the obvious that the US press will not address. He sharply blames Obama and the Government of the United States. In a radio interview he has stated bluntly:  “There is today a great plague – and this is the United States and its leadership.”  The former Soviet leader and Nobel Peace Prize winner has criticized the global leadership of the United States in no uncertain terms.He rejects the demonization of Russia by the United States. So far, Gorbachev had always argued more pro-Western. However, Obama is simply out of control and he should be removed from office to save the world.


Gorbachev has been a target of the Russian nationalists who want to put him on trial for allowing the Soviet Union to break apart. Yet Gorbachev has repeatedly also criticized Vladimir Putin. Nevertheless, he has stated that “We [Russia] are a strong nation (…) and have something to say,” he says now confidently.

Gorbachev is now criticizing the West and compares the merger of Crimea with Russia on par with the German reunification. Indeed, I stated from the outset that Ukraine should be split and the former Russian regions be handed back. That was indeed on par with the German Unification for Crimea was part of Russia.

Gorbachev has often voiced in recent years critical to the developments in the Kremlin. Unforgotten is the accusation Gorbachev that the lust for power of the Kremlin United Russia party is worse than the Communists in Soviet times today. Internally, they will never forget how he criticized an increasingly authoritarian course under Putin.

Gorbachev may be one of the last few world leaders who deserved that title. We have entered an era of a severe lack of world leadership. Where is our Churchill when the world so desperately needs wisdom and reason.

Obama clearly fails to understand that he is turning the United States into the Great Satin. What is emerging is a starkly different culture among the younger generation that in many nations is more nationalistic than their parents. This is happening also in Russia with what is being called the Putin Generation. We need fresh ideas and faces and a return to wisdom and reason.