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Gold – the Desirable Object – Can it Survive as the Alternative to Electronic Money?

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Our greatest problem is government’s hunt for money. Now 29% of American households are starting to hoard dollars. As this increases, government can eventually close the door by simply cancelling the currency. The USA has never done that yet other than the transition from the Continental dollar to the US dollar. But every other currency has undergone just cancellation. The advantage of precious metals historically has been they are universally acceptable around the world so that is where they stand a chance if we can transport wealth anymore. The problem metals face is stringent tracking of who buys and sells what. Storing in a bank is now quietly considered to be money laundering (read fine print when renting safe deposit box). Of course, then there is the problem of transportation. You can’t hop on a plane any more or load it in the trunk of your car and drive across country. You will run the risk highway-robbery by the police under ruthless civil asset forfeiture laws.

The question becomes, what kind of a future do we face? Can precious metals serve as a medium of exchange without hiding in the shadows of dark alleyways? This is the hunt for money that the government is engaging in these days. They simply declare they own x-% of your wealth and if you do not voluntarily hand it over you are a CRIMINAL who they they can justify killing on the spot. Indeed, every person already commits 3 felonies a day and do not know it.


The noted historian Charles Hibbert wrote in his classic book, the Roots of Evil, how government used the law to be cruel as well as to confiscate wealth. At the time of the American Revolution, there were about 240 felonies. These all carried the death penalty. Why death? The king then got to confiscate your property and threw your family out on the street. The accused would be tortured to try to force him to confess. They would throw you in prison indefinitely just to win without a trial as the US government has now authorized thanks to one of the most ruthless Senators of all time, Lindsey Graham.

A misdemeanor carried the penalty of indentured servitude. The king sold you as a slave for a specified period. He would relieve you of supporting your family and could care less what their fate would be. It was all about the king making money. Hibbert wrote in his classic work quoting from court record the actual sentence of many he shipped to America:

“Because you have committed this offence, the sentence of the court is that you shall no longer be burdened with the support of your wife and family. You shall be immediately removed from a very bad climate and a country overburdened with people to one of the finest regions of the earth where demand for human labour is every hour increasing and where it is highly probable you may ultimately regain your character and improve your future.” (Roots of Evil, p145)

 Just like Civil Asset Forfeiture, they pretend you have done something to justify them somehow profiting from their own ruling. Is it any wonder the US Federal courts have a conviction rate over 98%when even Adolf Hitler’s rate was 90%?  It is always about money and only a FOOL thinks there is any kind of justice. From the government’s perspective, it is always JUST-US not “justice” and the mainstream press allow this to happen by their failure to ever expose the truth.

RabbitHoleWe face a whole new world. Historically government could not hunt down money with such efficiency. The question becomes in all honesty, just how far down the rabbit hole are we going? Can society stop this insanity before it is too late? In these respect, I must admit, there is no such period in history that holds the answer I can recall. You could have packed up your gold and just left town. That is not possible today. Will shares and diamonds become the international means of capital preservation that can be moved? This is something we will have to experience perhaps for the first time in history. If we go all the way, the only thing that has value is food. Scary thought. I sure hope 2016 shakes up the political world. We really need a “change” for real. This is the PUBLIC v PRIVATE eternal battle. It is always driven by the eternal sea of politics. Can we ever break this repetitive cycle and take that one small step for human kind?