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Gold Report

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OK – we have received so many emails request an electronic PDF version. We will post tomorrow the gold section which is about 200 pages by itself. We will post the silver next week with Platinum, Palladium, and Copper.


Because of worldwide demand for this report, we have issued it in terms of all major currencies with cycle arrays, reversals, and technical analysis. Gold’s perspective is completely different in many currencies as we see in Japanese yen. We have provided this also in Chinese Yuan and we have updated our International Basket of Currencies.

Also included are the weekly targets out into 2016 for the convergence of the silver and gold cycles that have picked the high in 1980 and the low in 1999. We have included all the dates from 1980 into 2016 for clients who are familiar with those models.

Each PDF has a unique watermark to prevent copying that is always a problem with some people who just want everything for free. Hiring staff to meet the demand requires that they earn a salary. This is a step in the direction of going public so this will continue when I exit.

We will let you know tomorrow when it is available.