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Gold Refiners Required to Report All Gold Movement

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The Feds have noticed the gold market and are requiring the tracking of all shipments. These regulations are clearly targeting the “underground” economy. The interesting aspect is there seems to be no such reporting regarding platinum.

Coin Conventions have been cancelled in France. Even when I was there before Christmas, you could get 1,000 Swiss at an ATM in Switzerland, 500 euro in Germany, but in Paris, the maximum was 200. The French are trying to eliminate cash forcing everything into a traceable transaction.

Those who preach gold will go to $10,000 to $30,000, are insane, the entire world would collapse first. They act that you will become rich beyond your wildest imagination. For that to happen, an apartment will also be $10,000 a month for a one bedroom in the sticks. Government will know everyone who has ever bought gold and troops will show up to confiscate what you have. This is no walk in the park. There is a full scale war against wealth underway. They think if they can just take what they need from the people, they will hold on to power. They refuse to comprehend they are destroying our way of life in the process and they will NEVER be able to confiscate enough to prevent the collapse.