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Gold – Reality Check

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I remain long-term bullish on gold which is the HEDGE against government – not inflation. This nonsense of fiat and all that bullshit sounds good. But that was all true when gold fell for 19 years as well. This is a market. The object here is to SURVIVE what is coming. The market is NEVER wrong! The sooner you realize that to be correct, you have to see the world as a whole – not one tiny slice. The special report is out dealing with the new round of sovereign government gold sales. Remember one thing. You CANNOT judge others or the world by your personal view. Everyone acts out of their own perspective. It is idiotic to argue someone is wrong and try to drown-out anyone who disagrees with your view. That is the quick path to bankruptcy.

I simply object to those who speak bullshit, talk always fundamentals, and then blame everyone else when they are wrong while NEVER saying sell. NOTHING is perpetually a buy. This is about surviving. It is not a vendetta to simply espouse beliefs that are rooted in some bias. Fundamentals FAIL because people try to reduce everything to a single cause and effect. It does not work that way!!!!!! Your view is limited by your perspective. You MUST listen to the views internationally for the real trend is always the sum of all the parts.