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Gold Promoters Discover the World?

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QUESTION: It seems some of the very people who use to interview you now suddenly pretend to be world analysts covering all markets. Everyone tries to mimic you yet ignore you. If people like this will not comprehend what you are doing, are they merely making the future much worse with their cheap imitation of suddenly being a world analyst?

LivermoreANSWER: The Wall Street Journal accused Jesse Livermore of turning bullish to influence the Presidential elections in 1924. When they were proved wrong, they refused to ever quote him again. What the Gold Promoters are doing in my case is exactly the same thing. It merely demonstrates that they are anything but real analysts.

You cannot be a world analyst from sitting in some studio in the middle of America. What I have learned is from actually being there as I am in Switzerland right now. It would be like a man trying to write a book about how it feels to go through childbirth. There are some things you just cannot do without experience. I could read a book about brain surgery and sound professional while even memorizing the entire book so I could stump an actual surgeon on some technicality. But would you want to be my first patient while I refer to the book?

Understanding the world economy and trying to forecast when you are already biased with the Goldbug philosophy is outright absurd. They are merely dressing up the pig to pretend it is a child – it’s still a pig. The result will be indistinguishable as they say if all you have is a hammer – then everything will look like a nail. This is what politicians do. They cannot see that their ideas are wrong so the problem is everyone else. Since a politician’s hammer is the pen, they will draft some new Draconian law to demand that you do what they desire. This is the same problem. You cannot be a world analyst if you have a predetermined philosophical expected outcome. Everything will still be interpreted around gold as the center of the universe when it is really a tiny market. They will not admit it is just a fraction of the total value of the US stock market no less all equities. To them it will be the tail that wags the dog rather than the other way around. Gold has its role. But they have caused so many people to lose their savings based upon propaganda designed to sell their vision of the world through gold-colored glasses no different from any religious cult. This is about economic survival and making money. Not promoting something they already have some personal interest in furthering.


The ONLY analyst I have ever respected was Adam Smith who did not begin trying to prove a predetermined idea. Smith alone set out to study HOW the economy worked and wrote his Wealth of Nations  in 1776. The competing idea at the time was that of the Physiocrats in France who believed wealth was agriculture and thus land, not gold. The Physiocrats inspired the Age of Empire Building as well as Karl Marx in his concept that real wealth was labor. Smith discovered the Invisible Hand and how each and every one of us collectively combine to create the economy without central planning as we have today. It is the synergy that emerges that creates a society and an economy – the sum of the parts is greater than just a handful of individuals.

Animals In Conflict

The Socialists of today in the USA and Europe hate the Invisible Hand because they do not like the way the economy functions. They attempt to change nature. They see it as unfair that one individual should have more than another and seek to use law to alter nature. This is no different from trying to enact a law that no animal should eat another because it is unfair to the one being eaten. The Business Cycle is driven in part by nature that includes weather, which not merely impacts the quantity of food, but it has been weather that inspired the migration of man as well. If weather did not change and food was always abundant, then mankind would never have left his cave.

Judge-IllegalThe Invisible Hand states that each will pursue his own self-interest and in doing so we create a collective functioning society. Communism merely saw it needed a street-cleaner and you were next in line. It ignored the human ability and sacrificed individualism for state planning and control. Government is delusional. They actually believe THEY are the nation and hence they charge people like Snowden with treason when he is informing the people about illegal activities of Government. They have it ass-backwards. It is the PEOPLE who compose society and the nation – not GOVERNMENT. Government tries to manipulate the Invisible Hand to make it function as they think it should, not much different from the Gold Promoters see conspiracies behind everything.


Marx, Keynes, and today’s economic theories are all manipulative. They try to force the economy to function as they see it. They do not look with unbiased eyes to discover HOW it functions, but only seek to control the Business Cycle transforming it into a flat-line. The system will collapse because of the manipulations that try force upon society their vision of utopia where everyone has the same.

The Gold Promoters talk about hyperinflation and have never done any independent research whatsoever. They fail to grasp even how empires, nations, or city states rise and fall. All they can do is sound professional. That will not change their interpretations because it is all based solely upon personal opinion seen simply through gold-colored glasses indistinguishable from a politician who sees the world only through the reins of his own power.


Clients paid for what the COMPUTER was saying, not for my personal opinion, which I distinguish with the words “I think!” The Gold Promoters will lead many down the path of ruin based solely upon their opinion and belief. In selling their own bias they will create the bull market ONLY when they have destroyed the majority of gold bulls. The gold investors will then sell every future rally not believing in a bull market as is the case in the share market today because these people will distort the truth right now through pretending to suddenly understand the world. There is just no individual capable of monitoring the entire world 24/7 and sorting all that out in his head.