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Gold Promoters Are Part of the Manipulation Against Investors

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I have gotten a lot of emails asking who is who in trying to deliberately mislead investors. Let me state this up front. There are plenty of “shills” out there who are paid to put out bullshit to whip the public into a buying frenzy so the pros can sell the highs. EVERY manipulation I have ever seen in the metals has been to the UPSIDE not downside, for just get the metals up and the buyers assume this is the time and rush in. Only rallies are REAL to them and declines are fake. Sell gold down, and the diehards hold until they have nothing left and they lose the house, the kids, the wife, and the dog. I do NOT believe Jim Sinclair is one of the Shills who is paid under the table by the bankers. We may disagree on timing and reasoning, but that is the extent of any disagreement. I believe in what goes up also goes down and I look at the entire world not just one sector or market and certainly not just the domestic economy,

The decline in gold is NATURAL and NECESSARY to set the stage for a future rally. There is a TIME and PLACE as well as PRICE for everything. As to why the pretend analysts with their shows do not quote me, the answer is very simple. They want people to ignore me and they only try to sell gold – not buy.

I have always worked behind the curtain where I have seen it all. I have had PhiBro walk across the pit and show my brokers their book to try to get me to join. I watched the manipulators get the press touting the Hunts to get everyone in so then could crush the market and had the exchange rig the margins so it was minimal to go short and required more margin to go long. I had AIG get in to see me to try to get me to join the club on the coat-tails of one of their board members Alan Walters who was a personal friend and former adviser to Lady Thatcher. I have seen it all and that is why they do not dare want me telling anyone what really is going on.

London Destroyed

I have been forced to come out in front of the curtain. I can retire and go off to some island and wait it out until I die. But I too have family and what kind of a future they face because of all this nonsense does not let me sleep beyond 3 hours at night. What I have been put through was for a reason and those who try to ignore me are only exposing their own lack of integrity or bias. I really do not care what they think of me. It means nothing to me. I just consider the source. They will one day wake up and see while they are fighting with their own egos, they risk losing all liberty because the real battle is not with me, it is the man with the tanks and guns. That will start to become very clear in 2014. All they are interested in is filling their pockets and forgetting they are playing with the risk of war and a Dark Age unless we steer this ship through the treacherous waters ahead.

So anyone who quotes economists or analysts and what they see for 2014 while refusing to mention this work, are obviously not independent and are either biased or have some other agenda.Typically you report contrasting views. I really could care less and prefer not to do interviews unless I know the person for they rarely get it right. It is what it is. They are more interested in controlling what you hear than providing an honest perspective. I never courted the media because our institutional clients who paid big bucks did want to read that same information on front page of a newspaper for free.

Do not worry about if they try to cover everyone but what you read here. It is either bias or control – the same reason Snowden did not get Man of the Year by a US magazine. Right! Like they would not do whatever Obama told them. Just look at what any so-called news show is promoting and if there is some particular outlook it will be easy to pick up. Just like Fox puts out conservative news and other support Obama. We are not dealing with independence here. It is always some agenda.

NOBODY can forecast the future on a consistent basis from a personal opinion perspective. That is just irresponsible and impractical. So placing EGO before the welfare of readers is not acceptable in the real world of analysis.

In the early 1980s, I had lunch in Geneva with the head of one of the major Swiss banks who was a client. I asked his opinion what name should I use for the company when I was to open my first European office. I assumed there was an undercurrent of anti-Americanism so I thought we should have a separate European name over there. He asked me to name one European analyst. I could not. He laughed and said there were none because if he was French, British, or German, they all were bullish their own countries. He then told me why all the major institutions relied on our firm. He said I did not care if the dollar would rise or fall. It was that lack of bias that made us the largest firm ever with more than $3 trillion under contract. Nobody has ever come close to that. That is why I was even asked to testify before Congress.

I have been behind the curtain. Met with governments from Asia to Europe. Their problem with me is I have the experience. They know that. So if you want to put out an agenda, I do not need the money, cannot be bought, been there done that, and am awaiting me exist from this insanity we call life plagued by manipulations and hidden agendas. So those who do not quote our work – it is usually because they are promoting a different outcome.