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Gold Outlook

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NGCFOR-W 8-13-2013

The diehard bulls are already proclaiming the low is in place so buy – buy – buy. Gold should press higher into next week, but the Weekly Bullish Reversal stands at 1423 and the year-end resistance will be 1435. The big turning point is still next January. So we are about $100 below major resistance. This diehard bullishness swearing every time this is it, is perhaps what has to break before we get the real bull market. Gold never got through the 1980 high adjusted for inflation $2300. It has been the worst performing asset with equity and, real estate advancing far more. The Dow stood at 1,000 in 1980 when gold was $875. The Dow has come close to 16,000 and gold could not break $2,000. It is all about time. You cannot have gold blasting up and everything else is not in line. But again, these people only look at gold and ignore the rest of the markets.


The time will be right. But patience is necessary. The problem with the Goldbugs is they are just always bullish and by constantly talking the same game no matter what, real unbiased investors get turned-off. This damages the credibility of the metals and makes a lot of people look at them as a joke rather than an asset class. It would be if a stock broker constantly said buy – buy – buy, even when the Dow declines.