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Gold & Future – Looking Brighter?

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The emails now favor those who are reformed gold “investors” with still some diehard believers in fiat, manipulations, and paper gold. Futures have existed since Babylonian times and have had the exact opposite impact as claimed – they expand liquidity and thus make that market more suitable for trading be it stocks, bonds, or commodities.Gold is NOT systemically manipulated for it was, there would be no point in even buying it. And as for fiat, all money has been fiat and that did nothing to prevent gold from declining for 19 years between 1980 and 1999. These claims have merely amounted to clever sophistry, which have cost the unsuspecting public untold amounts of losses since the recommendations are pour everything into gold and keep holding. You should NEVER put all your eggs in one basket.

That said, gold has its rightful place in every portfolio and it will come into its own in the due course of time. Gold is part of the global array of private assets v public. There is a difference between institutional and individual investment. Institutions cannot buy gold bullion for they need regular income. Those entities in the business or cannot lend money for interest based upon religion, lease gold to generate income of a fixed asset. This is not some sinister plot.


Buying gold coins and salting them away is possible only for an individual. So in this shift of assets from public to private, we will see the stock market eventually rally WITH gold. Then you will see this is a panic in public assets that we face going forward. So yes, buying COINS rather than buying bullion is a good strategy. TIMING is on your side and patience is a virtue.

Gold greatest deterrent has been the sophistry spun around it by the Gold Promoters that act more like use car salesmen. If you do NOT understand the nature and truth about any investment, you will not have the confidence to trade. EVERYTHING is a trade. There is a absolutely NOTHING that is ever a buy and hold forever – not even real estate.

Gold is NOT the hedge against inflation. Money Supply means NOTHING when the currency is the RESERVE currency for the demand for dollars is global beyond the territorial boundaries. Watching the fed expand money supply did nothing for gold because the dollar is the world’s currency no matter how many countries try to circumvent that with trade deals. Trade is less than 10% of capital flows – so big deal.

GC-1982 Dollars

Blaming others for gold’s decline is just an excuse. You are wrong – not the world. Gold’s decline is perfectly on schedule with the world economy. Understand the trend and you do not need excuses. The future for gold looks very bright. If we just knock off all the BS that prevent intelligent people from considering gold who can see through the nonsense, then a viable market will emerge on the other side. Then and ONLY then will gold exceed the 1980 high in real terms proving it has not even been the hedge against inflation. Gold is the hedge against government and this is a Private Wave – its TIME will come. The only question is WHEN. That is outlined in the International Precious Metals Report.