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Gold – Down & Dirty

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Gold is in a bearish trend. Despite everything the gold promoters have told you, gold just is not responding the way they have been predicting or should I say promoting. They do not take your economic survivability seriously. It is just like the Bible says – there is a time and place for everything. Mining delivered a lead article – Horror story for gold investors continues Friday.

We are preparing a very important gold report. As you can see from the cover, gold has NEVER exceeded the 1980 high. It has been the WORST hedge against inflation possible. That does not mean it will never really rally. If the Mexican share market doubled, but the peso fell by 80%, an American will lose money. Gold is no different. Those who are already penning hate mail will most likely lose the farm on gold and the wife will take what’s left. If you want to make money, it is important to understand the TRUTH. You cannot invest and survive on a pack of lies. A fool is always easily separated from his money.

It is time to stop the bullshit. It is time to open your eyes or you will miss the REAL rally in gold and you will not believe the rally because you lost your shirt on the previous fake rally. It is time to stop being the Pawn of Finance – lied to from every angle be it government, banks, or promoters with conflicts of interest. To survive your OWN financial decisions it takes a clear mind and shedding all bias and prejudice.